First Kashmiri translation of quran – 1927.( History of development of science of Quran in kashmir -“Ulum ul Tafseer “

First translation of Quran in Kashmiri lunguage -1927

1) First translation of Quran( Amm – para) was written by Hafiz Moulana Noor ud din qari Waazapoori .He was from Wazapoor,(downtown Qawadara Munshi mohallah) .He was son of Allama Sadr ud din Wazapuri . He published Tafsir of the last 30th part of the Holy Quran in the Kashmiri language, titled Kashur Tafsir in 1927 (1345 AH)

Evolution of Ulum -ul – Tafseer in kashmir ( Science of Exegesis )

Islam was introduced in kashmir in 7th century ,but unfortunately and basic message of Quran was introduced then ,but unfortunately no manuscript survived fate of time and contemporary historian of that time till 13th century were either religious supremacist or islamophobe ,they even don’t like to utter word ” Muslim” rather they used words like malechas ,turkshas and rest of derogatory suffixes.

2) Shaikh Yaqub Sarfi (1500 century ) :Mir Syed Ali Hamdani was the first person who introduced science of tafseer in valley He wrote Al-Risal Fi Nasikh wa-Mansikh.Taking lead from mujadid of Islam,Sheikh Yaqub sarfi wrote a Tafsir
entitled ‘Matlab-ul-Talibin-fi-Tafsir-i-Kalam e Rab-ul-Alameen .

3)Shaikh Murad Kashmiri ( 17 century ) : He was a well know shiate Muslim scholar of kashmir ( D. 17 rajab 1131) and among first kashmiri from Indian sub continent who worked on the dictionary of
36 Quranic words, ‘Jami al-Mufaradat’

4) Shaikh Moin ud Din Naqashbandi (18th century ) : He wrote Zubdat al-
Tafsir and a Persian tafsir entitled Sharh al-Quran

5) Maulana Abdul Rashid Shopiani( 1880) : He wrote many treaties on ulum ul Tafseer like Ayat’al-Aijaz.

6) Moulana Saad ud din Tarabali ( 20th century ) : This reviver of quranic sciences wrote exegesis of Ammo – Para of quran .

Moulana Saad ud din Tarabali

7) Gulzar Ahmad Parrey Shopiyani :
He translated first five parahs
entitled Asrar al-Quran.

8) Sheikhuna – Prof. Muzaffar Hussain Nadwi : My beloved teacher , Dr Muzaffar Hussain Nadwi compiled tafsir of quran in arabic lunguage in 2018

9) Besides that journals of Tabligh ul Islam ,Nusrat ul Islam ,Abul Fazal library Magam & Budgam ,JAH are worth reading .

Founder of S.P college – Annie Besant

Annie Besant ” Founder of S.P.College ” Srinagar – 1905 & why dogras ,elite Muslim & Pandits ,discouraged education of kashmiri muslim .(Dedicated to my guide on history , Muhammad sultan Kaatjoo)

1) Established in 1905 by Annie Besant .(State Archieve File No. 2 of 1906, H.H.P.R Files, SARJ. ). Professor Prof Muree ,an Irish educationist took over as first principle of this college .

2) literacy rate : The majority of the population of thestate was illiterate. Literacy rate in the state was merely 2.03 % in 1901(Census Report of 1901,Page 50 )

Census of India,1901

2) Even after ruling Kashmiris for 63 years taxing even grave diggers & state organised prostitutes ,dogras not even established a single high school or college affliliated with any renowned university of that time for higher education uptill 1905 ,except a primary school for hindus . They came under heavy criticism from govt of India to introduce modern education , they requested , Annie Besant a Christian missionary to establish a college in Kashmir for the then ruler of Jammu and Kashmir Shri Maharaja Pratap Singh.

3)They name it ” Hindu high school ” as if 97% Muslim population of Kashmir were not existing at all .After that they realised ,they can no more persue their communal islamophobia at state level ,they named it S.P.College .

S.P.College ,Kashmir .

4) Before 1947 ,this college was affiliated with University of Lahore .

5) Then after 1947 ,they got it affilated with Banaras hindu university till University of Kashmir was founded in 1956.

6) Punishment for acquiring modern education : According to Robert Clark,1901,”The mission of Church mission society ” “”page 169 “”,when modern school were established in Srinagar ,”commencement of school was important an event as this was discussed in durbar ( dogra parliment ) ,and parents of the children’s studying school got domiciliary visit from the police ,they were told if their children went to school ( the parents ) would be banished to Gilgat ( Bovanjan begar) “

Robert Clark,1901,”The mission of Church mission society ” “”page 169

7) Why dogras discouraged education of Muslim of Kashmir : According to Pandit Prem nath bazaz :”The awareness that they (Dogras) were Hindus and the over- whelming majority of the Kashmiris professed Islam, constantly made them apprehensive. They disliked the idea of making their subjects politically conscious and thought that imparting of education was only an effective way of awakening the people to their political and human rights.( Prem Nath Bazaz., Daughters of Vitasta, p. 215.)-

Prem Nath Bazaz., Daughters of Vitasta, p. 215.)-

7) Elite Mullahs discouraging Muslim education : According to a study ,Reported by Zamindaar newspaper from Punjab ,Sep.1923 ,”Besides poverty, government policies ,reactionary clergy discouraged modern education among the muslim””

Sept 1923

Another factor that led to Muslim backwardness was ” Elite Mullahism ” ,they still believe that there is something called Ashrafi class among Muslim – They believe islam came endorse Persian classification of Muslim ( Syed and non Syed Muslim,pir and non pir ) but matter of fact islam came to destroy casteism ,Allah swt “O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted’ [al-Hujuraat 49:13].” Prophet Muhammad Alihimusalam said ” “O people, verily Allah has taken away from you the arrogance of Jaahiliyyah and its pride in forefathers(At-Tirmidhi -3270) & O people, verily your Lord is One and your father is one. Verily there is no superiority of an Arab over a non-Arab or of a non-Arab over an Arab, or of a red man over a black man, or of a black man over a red man, except in terms of taqwa. Have I conveyed the message?” They said: The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) has conveyed the message.

Quran against caste system .

Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in as-Saheehah (6/199).

8) According to late social activist from Rainawari Mohammad Sultan katjoo (Mama-Ji) –Ex secretary trade association Qamerwari , any one who enrolled their kids in English schools were branded with a nick-name ‘’KIRRI’’ means convetrted ” (one who commit blesphemy) by a section of mullahs .Mirwaiz Rasool Shah started Muslim modern education movement even ,he was heavily criticised by Hamdani Clergy and attempts were made to murder him by unknown gangs.

Former student of islamiya school ( Moḥammad Sultan Katjoo )

9) Glancy Commission, while inquiring about the poor representation of Muslims in S. P. College of Srinagar,was told that the Hindu teachers discouraged the Muslims from taking science subjects.( Glancy Commission Report, vide Dastawaizat, p. 100.)

8) Mostly elite Pandit in Biscoe school :
According to Tyndale Biscoe, Kashmir in sunlight,pp.265 & 268 , “At first near all 250 boys receiving instruction from CMS school were Kashmiri Pandits. They were sons or grandsons of the officials who bullied and squeezed the Mohammedan peasants for years past, and their large houses in the city, with all the wealth, were a standing witness to their looting power, for the salary they received from state was quite insignificant

Tyndale Biscoe, Kashmir in sunlight,pp.265 &

9) Discouragement of muslim education by elite Hindus :The Muslims were not only suffering for want of adequate number of educational institutions for even elementary instruction, but more so they were discouraged by the Hindu teachers, who like other branches of the administration had monopolized the department of education too (Riots Enquiry Committee Report, p. 65; Malik Fazel Hussain, pp. 113-114; Bazaz, Inside Kashmir, p. 205.)

Pandit Prem nath bazaz page 205

10 ) What I want : our kashmir was known as Vidya peeth ” high school ” of knowledge ,every occupational rulers & their accomplices irrespective of creed and colour have exploit non elite mass in every country of world & Kashmir is not an exception .
When Hedow family can come from England ,use our man power & resources to earn money and at same time contribute towards toward upliftment of our kashmir – why can’t we do same ,why can’t our business men community invest in establishing educationol institutes .

For your suggestion and additional information ,contact

(Encyclopedia of citation on Kashmir history,DrAshraf Kashmiri ,note 1 )

Note : My apology : I never intend to hurt any elite Muslim or Pandit – i am just quoting what I heard and read -i am ready to stand corrected – to err is human.
I myself started my kindergarten education from Pandit Roshan Lal chattabali ( relative of Neetu Mattas Wantoo ) and my secondary education from a Muslim professor Javid Naqshbandi .
If any one is hurt I apologise .

Hedwun Haspataal (SMHS Hospital ,Srinagar )

Hedwun Haspataal by Dr Ashraf kashmiri

Haedwun Haspataal ( SMHS hospital : why kashmiris call it Headwun ? Who was C.M.Hadow?

1)C.M.Hadow : He was a Austrian merchant ,philanthropist and much revered by Kashmiri and was popular by the name Hadow Sahab .
2) Hadow family came to Kashmir during era of Ranbir Singh ,propably around 1888 to do carpet trade .
3) Hadow’s started their own carpet weaving company in kak-Saria ,Srinagar – Kashmir ,
C H HADOW AND CO ( Proprietor C M Hadow )and by their dedication ,this company turned out to be number one company of that era rather bigger than ” East India carpet factory “.

C.M.Hedow (Photo credit : Dr Ashraf kashmiri)

4) Unlike Dag shawl industry of Pandit Raj kak dhar ,who used to pay pea-nut salary of kashmiri peasent ,Hadow family were peasents friendly , passionate and God fearing philanthropists.

5) A new market was created world over by C H HADOW AND CO. and by 1931 , there were six big carpet units in Srinagar employing locals as weavers , Taleem writers( kaalbaap taleem writing ) , Dyers and designers.

Carpet weaving factor ,Srinagar .

In the year 1888, C H HADOW FACTORY changed the entire design , colour schemes and appearance of kashmiri carpets so as to make them competitive in International markets.

6) Along with other philanthropist work ,he established dispensary for public ( Hedwun dispensary ) . This seems to be place where SMHS hospital was established later on,but kashmiris call it Hedwun hospital after the name of C.M.Hadow till now .

7) when dogra took over Patthar masjid ( mosque built by Noor jehan) and insisted on status quo of masjid even after persistent request from kashmiri Muslim 1909 till 1932 to hand it over to them for maintainance , dogra regime turned the mosque into horse stable again and later on as a state granery .

C.M Hadow and British resident LT.Col.J.Manners Smith took a strong exception to it .
In 1911, Dogra ruler pratab Singh decided to turn Patthar masjid into ” Hanuman Anathaliya” an orphanage dedicated after Hindu diety Hanuman ( order of Maharaja ,30 Aug,1911,file no.55\E-3 )
,Another source : Pandit chitralakha Zutshi,( Kashmir ,history ,politics and representation ) pp.39

Pather Masjid

8) Most prestigious school of Kashmir ,Biscoe school was known as Hedow school school and biscoe boys were known as Hedow boys till recent times .I personally feel ,when Rev. knowles was running CMS school for ten years from Drugjan mission hospital run by Rev.Doxey .A kashmiri Muslim carpet merchant offered him house free of cost and Rev.Knowles shifted the CMS school from Drugjan to Fateh kadal and Hadow family donated them financially to establish this school ,so it seems the apparent reason ,why biscoe boys were known as Hedow boys .For further reading ,Refer to “Proceeding of CMS for Africa and east 1981-92 ,pp.120

C.M.S School -Fateh kadal ,Srinagar .

9) The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been constituted in the year 1924 by the prominent businessmen of Kashmir with its first president Mr C. M. Hadow.
Other members were Amar Nath Purbi, GN Din Kawosa, Gulam Mohammed Pandit, Gulam Mohammed Joo, BN Pestongee, Sarwanand Raina and G Ahmad.

10) He was expelled from India in 1948 . Major Hadow and his wife retired to Victoria, British Columbia, where he died in 1978.

Further reading :

1)Brown, David J. 1981.
2) Carpets from the Hadow Factory in Kashmir.” Hali.

3)Jammu and Kashmir state archieves ,order of Maharaja ,30 Aug,1911,file no.55\E-3 )

4)Pandit chitralakha Zutshi,( Kashmir ,history ,politics and representation ) pp.39.

Resource person : DrAshraf Kashmiri
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History of Ahal-Hadith of Kashmir ( Part 1 of 10)

History of Ahl- Hadith of Kashmir (part 1 of 10)

Note : The focus of my Collation is to discuss evolution of this puritine movement ,neither I have intention to discuss their Creed nor I endorse that ,although I may point out few reason that lead to their down fall which may help us to rectify our mistakes at present times .
Dedicated to my spritual teacher Parvez Bhat & my wisdomful Naseer Ahmad.

Husaain shah Bhatkhoo Rahimhullah: Founder of Ahli – Hadith of Kashmir .

1)Full name : Syed Hussain shah .

2)Since he was from bhatakpora mohallah of Madeen sahib ,nowshehri sazgaripora – his rivals started calling him ” Bhatkoo”

3) According to Ghulam nabi mubarki ,khutbaat e sadarat ,1957,page 51 & Sona-ullah Amritsari,Magazine Ahl-l-Hadith, 2 Feb., 1918.” After clearing primary education from kashmiri ,he left to go join Delhi seminary of Ahaldith to study under Sayyid Nazir Husain Dahlewi.”

4) According to ,Mohammad ibhrahim siyalkoti ,Tahreek e Ahli Hadith ,page 417 ,”He came under influence of Syed Ahmed Barelwi which bought great change in his religious thought process.

5)When he returned back to Srinagar , Kashmir ,according to Hassan koihami ,Tareekh I Kashmir ,pp.442 & Mohammad ishaq Khan ,107 ,”he was first among those who raised voice against Pir – Mureedi”. He raised his voice against the customs deep-rooted innovation in the Muslim society, Which he believed were all borrowed from Hinduism.

6) He started propagation of his zahiri doctrines in zaldagar area of Kashmir against Pir mureedi ,veneration of relics and recitation of litanies before namaaz.

7) According to Pir Hassan shah ,Tarikh e Kashmir ,pp .42
” His denouciation of grave worship and saint worship was not liked by mullahs and muftis of Srinagar “”. I presume Mirwaiz was referring to Hamdanis of Kashmir because Mirwaiz Kashmir were nuetral in approach .

8) Ex-communition of Batku : According to Anwar shopiyani ,Basharat ul Moomineen ,pp.36 -37,he was declareed as imposter and Kafir by mullahs of Srinagar .

9 ) Batku came under sustained attack from traditionalist clerics, who charged him with being an apostate, an infidel and even the dajjal, or devil incarnate.

10 ) Pir Hassan shah koihami Rahimhullah ,author of tarikh e Kashmir ,often refer to him as Anti- Christ Dajjal see Anwar shah shopiyani ,Basharatul moomineen ,pp.36

11) British govt suggestion to Maharaja about Bhaktoo :
According to ,Confidential File NO.37, 1933, Jammu Archives : The British with their full awareness of the activities of the “Wahabis” and afterwards of the Ahl-i-Hadith of India in the frontier particularly, advised and directed the Maharaja of Kashmir to hold the Ahl-i-Hadith (Wahabis) in check.

12) Expulsion from state : According to Moulana Ghulam Nabi mubarki pp.31 & Tarikh e Kashmir,pp. 442 : Under the local opposition by by Mullahs and muftis ,The then Maharaja was compelled to give order for his expulsion from Srinagar but as per ,Pir Ghulam Hassan koihami ,he was expelled from Kashmir .

13) British Conspricy against Wahabis : According to Lawrence ,Valley of Kashmir ,286 ,British was succeeded in persuading Maharaja Ranbir Singh to issue royal order for expulsion of Hussain Batkoo .

14) But inspite this ban ,he was determined to launch a powerful movement against social evils ( ibid)

15) Influece : According to monthly magazine ,Muslim ,issue January 1959 , ” before he was expelled he was from Srinagar ,he was successful to influence to his zahiri Creed and prominent among them were
A) Molvi Hassan Shah ,Rajouri Kadal ( son of Mirwaiz Ghulam Rasool shah )
B) Abdul Aziz chicken of Safakadal and
C) Sabzar shah of Gow kadal

16 ) According to some reports ,Although Mirwaiz of Kashmir were nuetral as expected from learned ones ,but Molvi Hassan shah too was expelled by his household ( discussed in separate blog ) and Abdul Aziz chicken was survived by his son ,a famous ophthalmologist Dr Ali Mohammad chicken of chanapora as Per my personal interview of Advocate Maqbool Shahdad .

17) Sabzar shah Gow kadal : His original name was Mahmud. He used to wear green clothesand even his turban is said to have been of green colour.This is why he was named Sabzar Shah. Based cm interview with Moulvi Nuru’d-Din, Late Imam of Gow-Kadal Mosque.

18 ) Shopiyan Markaz : As per, Assadullah Qureshi pp.31 : He left Srinagar and reached Nasnoor ,shopian ,since it was hub of Ahmedi sect ,he couldn’t survive there aswell and was forced to leave and then he move to Yaripora .

19 ),Mohammad Assad-ullah Qureshi, Tarikh-i-Ahmediyat, Jammu Wa Kashmir, 1973, pp.285 ,He then propagated his Creed to Kanispora,Ganzan Reshi Nagar and Shohrish and this is how Shopiyan became centre of Ahal- Hadith .

20) According to Lawrence ,Valley of Kashmir ,pp.285 , two hundred families accepted wahabi faith by the time

21 )Anwar shah shopiyani Rahimhullah : Among those who got influenced ,Sher Bhat of maisuma who came to be known as Anwar shopiyani later on and Rais ul Shopiyani jagirdar Ata Mohammad Khan .

) To be continued …..Next blog
Ata Mohammad Khan ,jagirdar of shopian
,Molana Anwar shah shopiyani ,followed by Ghulam Nabi mubarki ,Haji Muhammad Shahdad ,Moulana…. Hassan

Poem dedicated to my beloved ” Khair un Nisa”

1) “Stop,stop oh my beloved listen to my suffering – your affection has debiltated me “

2) The Moon ,which I resembled as per you ,is about get destroyed ,be assured of its death-I sought you in every city and village before my death ,where are you !

3) Your love proved dire for me , I lost myself
I lost my childhood craving for your love 😭.

4) your eyes relieved the grief of many
But on my turn ,you turned hostile .

5) your prompting are fetching me more agony
Your Brows are turning me crazy .

6) you are my healer , you are my demolisher
Your are the wound and ointment aswell oh my beloved !

” Tche chauk, tche haa bulgaar madno””

7) I wish to sum-up the tales of my suffering
But that will bring you bad name .
(Resource person : DrAshraf Kashmiri)

Kakun Haaput – Proverb .

Kakun Haaput – Kashmiri proverb .

kakun Haaput : Haha finally ! I discovered ” “”Kakun Hapuut”-😛.

Satrical Explaination of proverb :
Sheikh oblah was told by Yousuf sob & Ghulam nabi Gilkar : kaka (Master oblah) ,Pandit Nohru is haput –

” Kaka( oblah), ťravunoo vŏnî, yi ha chhui hapuť!” “Kaka, leave him now; beware; it is a bear!”

“Mĕ ha ťravyov; wŏnî ( Nohru) na chhum nü yohai ťravaan !” Kaka shouted back in anguish. “I have just left him
“”””Now it is the bear( that doesn’t leave me.””””
My nation :
Imran Khan & China will simulate same proverb soon for kashmiris in case uiss it in 1947 – Be happy Kashmiri ” CPEC” is next you next Kak & China your next Haput

Kaka( oblah), ťravunoo vŏnî, yi ha chhui hapuť!” “Kaka, leave him now; beware; it is a bear!”

“Mĕ ha ťravyov; wŏnî ( Nohru) na chhum nü yohai ťravaan !” Kaka shouted back in anguish. “I have just left him

Discovering love on FB & kakun Haput is like same – Mushtaque Barq,Mushtaq Ul-Haq Ahmad Sikander,Riyaz Bhat,Parvez BhatGm Bhat Inder Salim

Greeks in Kashmir – Part 2

Picture caption : King Menender while debating with Kashmiri buddhist saint Nagsena ,2200 years before (200BCE) .

Greek rule in Kashmir : blog (2 ) 
Picture caption : King Menender while debating with Kashmiri buddhist saint Nagsena ,2200 years before (200BCE) .
Dedicated to Massudul Hassan Kanth —————————————————-
1) Among 13 greek kings  who ruled Kashmir or part of Kashmir -History of Menender is quite intruiging – Because he accepted Kashmiri Mahayana Buddhism and became it’s patron .

2)Menendra was born in Sialkot in a Greek family ,he was described by Strabo as one of the most powerful Greek kings of the period, even greater than Alexander the Great.

Menender ruler of Kashmir

3) In one of the coin cabins of Kashmir museum which were discovered in Kashmir , many silver coins of Greek and Scythian kings were displayed according to their era of rule .
1. Philip of Macedon
2. Alexander the Great
3. Alexander II of Macedon
4. Diodotus
5. Euthy demons
6. Menander
7. Apollodotus
8. Hippostratus
9. Lysis
10. Azes
11. Azelises
12. Sapalarsis.

5) Nāgasena was a kashmiri  Buddhist sage born in Kashmir and lived around 150 BCE.Nagasena was the native of present day Nagsina, a block just 15 kms from Kishtwar Town of Kashmir .

Nagasena was the native of present day Nagsina, a block just 15 kms from Kishtwar town of Kashmir

6) Nagasena  Kashmir student of dharmaraksikta

7)According to ,The Mahavamsa “Great Chronicle ,XII”, Dhammarakkhita was Greek who converted to Buddhism and stayed in Kashmir”” .
As mentioned  a localilite kashmiri Aboriginal Nagasene became his student and accepted Buddhism .

8) Debate between Menander & Kashmiris :
Kashmiris were represented by Nagasena  conversation that took place between the Nagasena and King Milinda in the form of questions and answers is still available with us in the form of Milind-Pañha or Milindo-Pañho  , a Pali ( Kishtiwari- kashmiri script ) treatise which means “Questions of (King) Milinda”.

Milinda Panha of Kashmir

9) Menender accepted kashmiri Mahayana Buddhism :He embraced the Buddhist faith, as described in the Milinda Panha.  Nagasena, wrote it originally in Pali language which is a derivative of Sanskrit and has close affinity with Kishtwari sister-language of Kashmiri spoken predominantly in the district of kishtwar of  Kashmir state .

10) Drachms coins in Kashmir : To facilitate trade and commerce Menander issued a large number of coins. These coins were struck in the well-established Indo-Greek fashion with elaborate details. His silver coins were known as Drachms.These coins were  found in Kashmir and are a rich source of kashmiri  socio-economic as well as political history.

Drachms coins in Kashmir : To facilitate trade and commerce Menander issued a large number of coins. These coins were struck in the well-established Indo-Greek fashion with elaborate details. His silver coins were known as Drachms.These coins were  found in Kashmir and are a rich source of kashmiri  socio-economic as well as political history

Collator : DrAshraf Kashmiri

Galancy commission 1931 Kashmir .

1) Galancy commission: 1931 ,Kashmir
1) B J Glancy ( politicle minster )
2)Chowdary Ghulam Abaas ( Jammu )
3) G A Ashia( Srinagar )
4) Prem Nath Bazaz ( Srinagar )
5) Hakim Ali ( Srinagar ,representing Shia)
6) Lok Nath ( Jammu )
2) Purpose : To enquire about grievances of kashmiris .
3) Masjid into horse stable & store houses :
———————————————————————- Along with other discrimination which Muslim faced under dogra rule ,the horrible among them was converting Masjid into godowns .
Without caring for the religions susceptibilities of the Muslims, the government confiscated many religious places of Muslims
A) Khanqah-i-sokhta,
BKhanqah-i-Bulbul Shah,
C) Khanqah-i-Dare Shikoh,
D) madine Sahab ,
D)Pather Masjid( Srinagar) ,
E) Malashah-i-Bagh Mosque (Ganderbel), G)Khanqah-i-Safi Shah (Jammu),
H) Bhu-Mosque (Jammu) and
I) the Eid gah Srinagar .
The rulers added insult to the injury when they converted some confiscated Muslim shrines and mosques into store houses for grains and artillery .( Robert thrope )
3) it was on 20 October 1931, that Maharaja announced the appointment of a commission of inquiry headed by Bertrand J. Glancy, to inquire into the grievances and to make such recommendations as it deemed necessary. The Commission was presided over by Mr. B.J. Glancy of the Indian Political Department, he included two Muslim and two Hindu leaders in his investigating team, but Within one month of its constitution, both the Hindu Members were asked by their respective communities to resign from the Commission
4) Within one month of its constitution, both the Hindu Members prem nath bazaz and Lok Nath were asked by their respective communities to resign from the Commission.
5) Pandit P.N. Bazaz refused to resign. Instead, he continued to participate in the deliberations of the commission against the wishes of his community for which he incurred great displeasure and opposition.
6) According to Anwar Ashai : Prem Nath Bazaz was allegedly attacked by cadres of Sanathan Dharm Youngmen’s Association at his Kawadara Residence, attackers urinated in his mouth ,so he had to run for his life and finally took refuge in Khatri colony, Abiguzar. (source: DrAshraf Kashmiri Personal Interview with Anwar Ashai ).
7) Lok Nath Sharma had left for Jammu on 14th December.
8) Hartal in Jammu against Glancy commission : when the first session of the Commission was held at Ajaib Ghar, a complete hartal was observed by the Hindus of Jammu. Soon after, Lok Nath Sharma also resigned and on 12th January 1932, a formal boycott of the Glancy Commission was declared and had Mr. P.N. Bazaz, G.A. Ashai, and Chowdary Ghulam Abbas as its members. Mr.Lok Nath who was nominated as a member from Jammu did not remain a member for any length of time and resigned.
9) In the report submitted later his name does not appear at all. The reason assigned for the withdrawal of the Jammu members being, that the Commission found itself unable to exclude from the scope of inquiry questions relating to the Hindu Law of Inheritance
10) Pandits were furious because as per them the commission had chosen to completely ignore the 141-page document of their demands.
( Source: Khan, G.H., op.cit., p.189.; Letter from the Resident in Kashmir, No. F.9-C/30, date the 17th December 1931, Report for the first half of December 1931, Confidential: 1. No. 545-PC/31.; Khan, G.H. op.cit., p.189)
The Ranbir (Weekly), Jammu, May 30, 1932, p.8
The Roti Agitation was a natural outcome of the disappointment caused among the Pandits by the publication of the Glancy Commission Report. They deplored the report with regard to the lowering of educational qualifications for Government services in favor of Muslim subjects. They were perplexed by the fact that „the Muslim majority had, after all, asserted itself even under Hindu rule.
12) BAL SABHA AGITATION: The Bal Sabha, an association of the young schoolboys of tender age, was organized with a view to furthering the agitation at a time when the Roti Agitation had become almost defunct. The Bal Sabha organized meetings and took out processions.
(Khan, G.H., op.cit., Lahore, p.191.).
TO BE Continued …..